Search engine friendly website design

The days of solely using the Yellow pages or printed directories to find business service or a telephone number have been superseded by Google and the other search engines. Therefore having a search engine optimised website is extremely important. Also having your contact details high on the page is also an important factor, as it will require zero effort for the user to see your telephone number, which is still more important than an email address for many businesses as its instant.

Search Engine Optimisation or as its commonly known SEO, is something which should be thought about and built into the website structure before design and development have even started. Its essential for any website to have a clear picture of how the pages should be setup. Some key area’s should include:

  • Important contact details at or near the page top
  • Page linking structure
  • A correct SEO tag hierarchy
  • High and low resolution photos and graphics
  • Responsive design without zooming for mobiles and tablets
  • Good keyword rich content with no extra fluff
  • Regular search engine re-submissions when a new page or fresh content is added
  • Using Google tools (Analytics and Webmaster Tools) to understand how your website is used
  • Quality photos with short descriptive captions
  • Unique page titles and text
  • A FREE business listing on Google+ (including Google Maps).
  • ... and many more

These points above should be well known by all web designers, its not rocket science... however it needs to be done correctly. I have many examples of clients where their website appears on page 1 of Google, this hasn’t happened purely by chance, instead its because their SEO was carried out correctly from the beginning. Its still possible to redo SEO on an existing website, this could mean making some or several alterations to the layout which will ensure that it looks refreshed and resizes automatically depending on the screen size, whether its viewed on a multimedia projector or large computer screen all the way down to an android smartphone and iPad or tablet.

If you’re looking for a new SEO friendly website, I can sure help with that! Perhaps your existing website is in need of a facelift or maybe just made more search engine friendly? I can give you a report on recommendations and areas which could or should be improved. Contact for more details on SEO and/or to arrange a review of your website.

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