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Successful websites are all about the user experience. If visitors like it then they will keep coming back! To give that effect then as a web designer I will endeavour to create a specific bespoke product that will make your site very different to those ordinary boring standard presentations.

Your website needs to be attractive for impact, but more importantly functional and easy to navigate around from one offering to the next, giving the customer every confidence that your business is dynamic, efficient and very user friendly especially in today’s marketplace where mobiles tablets and smaller laptops prevail. That first impression given by your website is so very important and will make the viewer look deeper into your business!

Simply just having a website is no longer enough, it needs to be dynamic, fresh, interesting, professional and most of all functional.

Responsive mobile Web Design

Does your website display correctly on small screens such as mobile and tablet devices? If not, you could be missing out on a lot of viewers as over 33% of internet browsing is now on handheld mobile and tablet devices.

You can test if any website is responsive by resizing the width of browser window. Go ahead resize now and see how well our website does this :-)

When was the last time you changed a photo, or updated something on the homepage? Even by doing this, gives your site a new / updated look to someone who has previously visited.

Advanced business websites

The years of having a basic website are long gone. Nowadays it needs to be functional not only for the frontend visitor, but also play an important role in the running of your business! Its needs to have a functional backend which has the capability to allow you to update records whenever and wherever you are. A number of business packages are available which can streamline your business, everything from secure online invoicing and job quotes to taking bookings and updating the products and services on your website.

Free websites

Yes there is such a thing a free website. These can be created by any number of companies, including Google. However being FREE they are also extremely inefficient and very basic. They are available to everyone, therefore as there are only a handful of designs your website won’t stand out or have that unique feel. Let alone respond to different screen sizes and look professional.

Google Analytics

Okay so you may have a website, but what do you know about who visits it?

See your website visitor stats and how they interact with it, including what pages are popular and those which could do with highlighting more.

We can set you up with the ability to track all this and more.

Review my website

If your website isn’t performing as well as you think it should, perhaps its loading slowly or looking dated.

I can review it, then explain how it can be improved on topics such as broken links / its printability plus and rather importantly... the degree of search engine friendliness.

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