Website and business services from North Devon

Websites are an important tool in the promotion of your business and also a great way to streamline how your business operates day to day. As a web designer my commitment is to provide my clients with the best technical input out there and by keeping it fresh, dynamic and attractive. Creating a web presence that ticks all of the boxes for the widest range of potential customers. We all surf the net to find things whether products or services so allow me the chance to show you what’s possible.

Client examples

Advanced PHP scripting and data handling
Business cards and other stationary
Custom administration areas
Custom route planning
Easy to use contact forms for reducing spam
Good form validation for correct data entry
Photo galleries and slideshows
Graphic design and drawing
Add data from 3rd parties
Logo design
Mobile friendly websites
Complying with new UK laws
Party invites and other printed materials
Secure admin user login areas
Simple contact forms
Timeslot booking systems

Business websites that do more

Websites are being used more and more as an essential business tool rather than just somewhere to show your products / services / contact details. It can also give you easy secure access to many important business tools which you can access from anywhere that has an internet connection. These tools are protected by a secure login area, from this you can do almost anything (apart from making a cup of tea), including keeping an eye on accounts / invoices / booking availability / add or edit products and so much more.

Bespoke website designs

All Coast Media have produced websites for many different purposes, ranging from responsive single page information websites to larger business websites with several thousand pages with a custom administartion area. These have all helped sole traders and small / medium sized businesses promote their company to a wider audience both locally and further afield.

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Website management and update

If your website needs updating and you have been struggling to find the time, let me do this for you. Whether its a one off page or an ongoing update service. As I already do this for the majority of the websites I’ve created, it means I can quickly have your website refreshed with new content and updated with the search engines. This could be simply changing photos or formatting page text.

When visitors return to your website, they’re more likely to keep returning if they see that its kept up-to-date.

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Responsive mobile websites

With the rising numbers of mobile phone and tablet users, businesses need responsive platforms now more than ever, and those that have already made the required adjustments are experiencing positive changes in their visitor statistics.

Through my services, a business can benefit from an up-to-date and responsive website from a North Devon website designer who always looks ahead at the bigger picture and how visitors are looking at a website.

Many of my recent client websites have been designed to change shape depending on the user device, meaning the text and images change position to best fit the screen size.

See the client website portfolio for examples of this.

E-commerce and selling products online

Do you already have an online catalogue or looking to start selling online? I can help with both! Working closely with you to ensure that you receive a bespoke e-commerce solution that fits into your business matching your exact needs. Receive online orders and payments with one of the many accredited payment processor solutions, such as PayPal, Worldpay, GoogleCheckout.

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Advanced business websites

Client login pages enable customers to make reservations for particular services while also allowing for easy processing of transactions. I create such pages to allow businesses to maximize on customer satisfaction and update the content on their own web pages, all via a secure administration login. I also provide a number of small business applications that enable creation of job quotes, online invoices and other business tasks.

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Domain names and hosting

This is what many new clients ask me to explain. Both these are an essential part of any website. Here’s my definition:

Domain name: Think of this as your business address, it uniquely identifies your business by a name, (this can infact be anything) but in best practise it will either be your full business name or something which describes your business. For example or, the best option is to keep it as short as possible but still relevant.

Hosting: Sticking to the view of addressing, the hosting is like a house, it tells the domain precisely where to look for your website files, being responsible for securely storing all the photos and text from your pages.

My server is located in the UK, meaning that unlike many of our competitors you will receive greater speed and efficiency in terms of frontend display and behind the scenes processing. By using a dedicated server I can avoid the contamination / spam and such like, which is caused from using a shared server which is easily affected by third party misuse.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation has always been an important facet in enhancing visibility on the web. Hence, I provide companies with SEO services to help them reach clients in Cornwall and Devon among other areas.

This can either be a one off when completing your website... or as I recommended, as part of an ongoing role to ensure your website continues to rank favourably with the main search engines, and that they know about all the new content by our regular submissions.

"... In the first week of having the website up and running we had 2 enquiries ..."Mr J Langmead

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Facebook and social media

Its 2017 and everyone is using social media to help promote their business to more and more people both locally and wider afield. The main platform for this is Facebook, when used correctly it can soon get your company name in peoples mind and the next time they search for something, the greater the chances are that they will come to your business because of this.

Facebook isn’t for everyone but it certainly helps promote businesses of all types, from owners of self catering properties to tradesmen.

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PC performance and upgrades

If your computer is starting to drive you mad because its becoming slower....... and slower, before you think about throwing it out and going to the expense of buying a replacement, sometimes simply doing a cleanup of your computer can improve its performance. Secondly in most cases performing a few upgrades will drastically improve the startup and working time.

However sometimes it can be better to cut your losses and replace an old computer system, if you’re looking at this but not sure what to replace it with... I can give you help and advice in sourcing what you need.

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Home networking If you have multiple computers and mobile devices... did you know that you can share files and printers? I can help you share documents / photos and even print them wirelessly.
Learn about home networking

Business networking Something more advanced than the home networking... you may have computer in multiple buildings / rooms working from one wireless network. By having all your devices networked can improve the efficiency of how the office works.
See how to improve your business network.

Digital photography

A crucial part of building websites is the quality of digital photos, this is where an SLR camera comes in handy. If you require a dedicated professional photographer I can let you know who to contact.

See the difference in quality a SLR camera makes

Computer tuition

If you want to know the basics or something more creative, I can show you in a step-by-step process of how to do many computer tasks, everything from saving photos from your camera and attaching to an email, to using a word processor and spreadsheet formulas.

Do you have a tablet, but don’t know how to use it? If you have any questions about this, I can put your mind at rest and guide you on how to do pretty much anything you wish with peace of mind that you won’t delete anything by mistake.

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Other services

Along with the business and website services mentioned above, there are also a few others which can include setting up a new logo design along with building and promoting your brand both online and offline. The traditional methods of marketing are still relevant but when used in conjunction with the online techniques they can be streamlined which ultimately saves you money as you have a greater understanding of who to target.

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